Each device offered by GBR Medical is designed to help clinicians deliver the very best care to their patients.

Medical Products

GBR Medical designs restorative therapy devices that allow clinicians to deliver the very best day-to-day care to their patients.

Pharmaceutical Solutions

We work with clients in the pharmaceutical, biologics and consumer healthcare industries. Through open dialogue with other businesses, we build partnerships that benefit everyone.


GBR Medical is a big supporter of regenerative medicine, our devices have being adjusted to practice physicians and nurses around the states with the newest technologies in the market.

Pain Management

Our LLL Therapy hand-held medical devices are designed to help patients reduce joint pain, thyroid function, and extreme muscle soreness. Our products offer a wide variety of applications including orthopedics, cosmetics, and wound healing.


All patients deserve the highest level of care – even if those patients aren’t people. At GBR Medical, our line of veterinary products are bred for performance and designed to exceed the healthcare needs of pets.

Sports Medicine

Our LLL Therapy hand-held medical devices have several mechanisms of action on muscle cells, like improvement in cellular ATP energy synthesis, glycogen synthesis, oxidative stress reduction, protection against exercise induced-muscle damage, and the addition of new myonuclei supporting muscle hypertrophy

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